Engage every student

Invigorate and inspire persistence with a student portal that serves as a central hub for successful campus life.
3D illustrated phone with five various sized squares and islands on each and a man in a square frame above it connected to two of the phone's squares with dotted lines

Goodbye FOMO, hello RahRah

Empower your students to engage with effortless access to resources, as well as increased levels of satisfaction, belonging, and achievement. Our dedicated team of experts is also on-hand to strategically support every step of the way.


 of students did not engage in college-offered counseling in the last year


increase in experience satisfaction by students involved in 1+ co-curricular


boost in employer career-readiness ratings for highly-involved students

Supercharge student onboarding

Start the college experience before day one for prospective students by creating an unforgettable Preview Program with RahRah. Create excitement, inclusivity, and a sense of home so enticing that you become the top school of choice for every prospective student.

As part of First-Year and Transfer Student Orientation, RahRah allows you to create a program that makes students feel welcomed and included – often before Welcome Week officially kicks off.

Whether orientation is virtual, in-person, or hybrid – it’s easier than ever to lay the foundation for a successful student journey.

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Enroll (and retain) a thriving student body

Every individual has their own goals and aspirations. That’s why our student app provides the best chance for them to achieve success by connecting and engaging with resources in one easy place from any device.

Our AI-based Recommendation Engine even tailors content suggestions for each student – ensuring they never miss the perfect event, group, or service that fits their interests, needs, and schedule.

Plus, utilizing data from the Admin Dashboard allows you to reach out with support when it matters most – helping students stay connected as they strive toward success.

Help students make the most of each day

Give your students the tools they need to make their college experience as rewarding and successful as possible. With RahRah’s interactive map technology, it’s like having a personal campus guide in their pocket – helping them explore all of the resources on offer while staying organized with integrated calendar features. Unlock powerful possibilities for every student.

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Smarter student support starts with data and AI

Our Smart Routing lets you connect students with the ideal department and faculty/staff member based on their needs and schedule, from booking an appointment to checking into it — all within our app. For administrators, detailed analytics provide powerful insights into usage trends: like which services are most popular and how long students stay for their visits.

Achieve remarkable ROI

Unlock the power of resource data with informative and interactive dashboards. Gain valuable insights into student engagement, ROI, student experience and feedback to make informed decisions in real-time.

Four screenshots of the RahRah admin analytics dashboard overlaying a 3D illustrated island with a mountain made of the RahRah logo loops spread up and out
Four illustrated puzzle pieces, each with a small island on it

Seamless integrations with real-time insights

Streamline operations and provide frictionless protection by connecting all of the tech you already use to optimize your students’ experience.

Whether you want to start simple and just connect your SIS, or you have thousands of must-have tools and workflows to integrate with RahRah, our implementation process is built to scale and designed specifically for Higher Education. That means our vendor-agnostic process is built with speed and accuracy in mind – with experts to guide the implementation and ongoing support, so you can be confident your hub is always working as intended. 

Explore how RahRah supports Higher Ed teams​

How RahRah helps

Empower students to find the activities, services, and opportunities that matter most to them – all in one dedicated app. From any device, students can effortlessly access the resources they need to succeed with a customized and connected digital campus.

  • Increase retention – Improve success and retention rates by offering more proactive guidance, helping them stay on track.
  • Maximize engagement – Increase the number of students participating in activities, services, and opportunities on campus by connecting them with tailored experiences through an engaging mobile app.
  • Boost efficiency – Easily create, publish, and promote content to the right students in order to reach your goals and maximize resources.
  • Support well-being – Increase student community and sense of belonging with a personalized, hyper-connected student app.

How RahRah helps

Student success is highly distributed across your entire campus, with various departments playing key roles throughout the journey. Give students the ability to chart a course confidently by making campus smaller and simultaneously providing your team with the data they need to improve.

  • Help students stay on track –Proactively engage with students to address issues quickly and connect them with the resources they need to succeed.
  • Gain insights – With data-driven insights, you can identify patterns and make informed decisions that lead to higher persistence rates and positive experiences for your students.
  • Simplify access and communications – Stop the wild goose chase for resources and information by providing students, faculty, and staff with a single portal for campus life – saving time, reducing frustration, and boosting engagement.

How RahRah helps

Reimagine the role of technology in fostering a connected, inclusive, successful student community. RahRah enriches the student experience by providing effortless access to the most useful resources, all in one hyper-personalized engagement hub.

  • Make protection frictionless – With countless resources available to your students, inevitably just as many security risks arise. As well-intentioned faculty, staff, and students work to manage and promote their group, event, or service across various channels, oversight and protection becomes complex. Integrating with RahRah eliminates that challenge for all involved.
  • Accessibility for all –  Ensure all students, staff, alumni and prospective students can find relevant content at the click of a button and engage in meaningful conversations with the right people.
  • Build a fully connected campus – Provide a more efficient, effective and connected experience for students by bringing your entire campus under one digital roof while using real-time data to continuously improve functionality.
  • Customized implementation, with ease – We develop everything through the lens of student needs. A fully tailored implementation with unlimited integrations means your app becomes a genuine reflection of the best of your campus. And delivery is just the beginning, rapid innovation and iteration mean constant improvement.

How RahRah helps

Gain an edge over your competition and provide incoming students with the opportunity to feel right at home on their first day of college by integrating technology into the enrollment process. With a centralized campus portal, you can offer your students a seamless transition through simple navigation, improved communication channels and quick access to helpful resources.

  • Make technology your key differentiator – Stand out as every prospect’s top school-of-choice by providing a central digital campus portal that unifies communications, simplifies campus navigation, and helps new students feel connected faster.
  • Seamless student orientation – Enable virtual or in-person student orientation with an easy to use app, so everyone feels prepared and connected on day one.
  • Smooth student transition – Streamline the transition to college with a centralized hub of campus resources, ensuring students are properly informed and connected.

How RahRah helps

Harness the power of technology to create an ideal campus environment that differentiates your institution. Through timely and effective communications, you can build a strong and supportive student community that is energized and inspired to be engaged in all aspects of their academic journey.

  • Centralize content & messaging – Provide an easily accessible centralized portal where users can find the latest campus updates, alerts and resources.
  • Customize your message – Personalize messaging for your different student cohorts in order to help them stay connected to their educational journey.
  • Engage with the unengaged – Put a dent in the number of disengaged students by finding out exactly which ones are most likely to be interested in what you’re promoting.

See RahRah in action

Ready to learn how RahRah can revolutionize your campus experience? Get in touch with a student experience expert today – they’ll design a custom demo tailored specifically for you and answer any questions about the powerful ways our platform supports students, faculty, staff & beyond.