Drivestream: Celebrating our Premier Platinum Partner

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We’re excited to announce that global management and IT consulting firm Drivestream has become the first company to achieve Platinum Tier status in our Deployment Partner Program. Renowned for its innovative strategies in transitioning organizations to the cloud and delivering exceptional support and service, Drivestream now stands as RahRah’s preferred deployment partner.


Our shared vision: Elevating student success globally

Together, RahRah and Drivestream share a common goal: to elevate student success on a global scale. Our cutting-edge SaaS student portal and mobile app platform serve as a gateway to an institution’s online ecosystem, enhancing the digital experience for college and university students. By replacing outdated, disparate portals with a modern, campus-like digital environment, RahRah’s innovative technology revolutionizes the student experience.


Drivestream as a Platinum Partner

As a Platinum Partner, Drivestream will offer institutions unparalleled support from strategic planning to implementation. With its extensive expertise in deploying systems using proven methodologies and tailored delivery models, Drivestream is equipped to serve Higher Education institutions of all sizes.



Addressing the challenges in Higher Education

This partnership emerges at a critical moment when Higher Education institutions are actively seeking inventive solutions to support students. The importance of student engagement and a positive campus experience cannot be overstated. According to a report by Gallup, only 27% of college graduates felt that their education prepared them for life after graduation. By providing a comprehensive digital campus experience platform, this partnership is setting a new standard for Higher Education institutions to support their students.

Our partnership with Drivestream will revolutionize the way students engage and succeed in Higher Education. By leveraging our digital campus experience platform and Drivestream’s deep experience deploying cloud applications, we will provide a complete, end-to-end solution that enhances the student experience, improves administrative efficiency, and streamlines operations.

“We’re delighted to provide our Higher Education clients with the single most powerful solution available to create the best experience throughout the entire student lifecycle, from prospect to alumni,” said Gopal Krishna, CEO of Drivestream.

Cooper Jones, our RahRah CEO, added, “Universities and colleges are seeing now more than ever a demand for technology to positively impact and augment their campus experiences in very personalized ways. Our solution with Drivestream delivers on that need in a highly accessible and inclusive way so every student can succeed.”


The impact of our partnership

By partnering with RahRah and Drivestream, institutions gain access to the most comprehensive end-to-end solution designed to elevate the student experience, boost administrative efficiency, and streamline operations. The fusion of Drivestream’s expert strategic guidance, implementation, and RahRah’s trailblazing technology redefines the role of technology in Higher Education. Institutions can now offer a more accessible, proactive, and engaging digital campus experience while simultaneously streamlining operations and reducing technology costs.


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Introducing the RahRah Partner Program

In our pursuit of redefining the Higher Education landscape, RahRah has introduced a robust Partner Program designed to empower agencies and service providers looking to expand their offerings and build their expertise. By joining our program, partners will receive access to the resources, training, support, and collaboration needed to excel in the ever-evolving world of Higher Education technology.

The Partner Program is open to a diverse range of agencies and service providers, including consulting firms, software integrators, and cloud service providers. Participants will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in deploying RahRah’s state-of-the-art student portal and mobile app platform, helping institutions transform their digital presence and elevate the student experience.


Benefits of joining the RahRah Partner Program

By joining the RahRah Partner Program, agencies and service providers will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Access to exclusive resources and support: Partners will receive valuable materials, training, and ongoing support to ensure they are well-equipped to deliver the best possible solutions to their clients.
  • Collaborative opportunities: The Partner Program fosters a community of like-minded organizations working together to redefine the Higher Education landscape. Partners can collaborate and share insights, experiences, and best practices, contributing to a collective knowledge base.
  • Enhanced credibility: By associating with RahRah, a renowned leader in the Higher Education technology sector, partners can strengthen their market position and reputation, demonstrating their commitment to providing top-notch solutions and support.
  • Opportunities for growth: As a RahRah partner, agencies and service providers can expand their offerings, attracting new clients and generating new revenue streams. The Partner Program provides a platform for partners to grow and thrive in the competitive Higher Education market.


Invitation to join the RahRah Partner Program

RahRah is excited to welcome more agencies and service providers to join our Partner Program. If you’re interested in expanding your offerings, building your expertise, and collaborating with like-minded organizations, we invite you to apply to join the program.

Together, let’s reshape the Higher Education landscape, providing students with the tools and support they need to thrive in today’s digital world.


Wrapping it up

The partnership between RahRah and Drivestream marks a significant milestone in our mission to elevate student success worldwide. As we continue to forge new partnerships and expand our Partner Program, we look forward to seeing the positive impact of our combined efforts on the student experience, administrative efficiency, and overall success in Higher Education.


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