We are RahRah

We’re on a mission to elevate student success worldwide.

RahRah was founded to break down barriers. To make it easier for students to find their way around campus and discover resources to make their experience more enjoyable. 

Along the way, we got input and feedback from a range of people – including students, parents, Higher Ed professionals, and our own very talented (and growing) RahRah team. 

By developing features and enhancements directly based on that input, what we now offer is a digital campus experience that’s so accessible and personalized that it excites and inspires students to engage and succeed like never before.

RahRah builds communities.

Our culture

Our purpose unites us as a team. We’re a mission-driven team, dedicated to reimagining the possible. Each of us treats every client and teammate with great care and respect, with collaboration and candor at every step. Our diversity gives us our power as a team. Together we’ll reimagine what’s possible in your world.

Meet our team

Cooper Jones
CEO & Co-Founder
Sam Allen
CTO & Co-Founder
Sarah Callaghan
SVP Marketing
Brian Baute
SVP Sales
Michael McCarson
Lead Engineer
Rose Holliday
Business & Partnership Dev
Greg Sawchuk
Product Designer
Endésha Pierson
Success Manager
Suzy Jonsen
Account Executive
Anthony Menichini
Account Executive
Lauren Strickland
Account Executive
Tsering Norbu
Software Engineer
Josh Booth
Software Engineer
Chris Brandt
Software Engineer
Chris Caudill
QA Engineer
Elias Vera
QA Engineer


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